Friday, March 28, 2008

My Boy Roux D

Now is he not the cutest little thing? This is my boy Roux D, pronounced like Rudy. He is 9 months old. He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He is so snuggly and sweet which is strange for a Corgi, usually they are independent though they like being near their people they do not necessarily give kiss and what to be held. Not so with my little guy. He loves it. He love so it he would probably walk over hot coals for loving. For example, last night I was working on some fabric flowers, I had petals with stick pins spread on the lap desk in front of me. Roux D wanted to snuggle so badly that he tried to walk over flower petals. When he got stuck he had this look on my face like "how could you let that happen to me." I broke my heart.
Roux D's interesting name is a collabroation between John, my boyfriend and me. Our other dog, Patches makes this sounds which is a howl but come out like "roo roo roo." John wanted a name that would be similar to that sound so Patches could call the puppy. I wanted a name that would reflect Louisiana. So we decided on Roux D or if the puppy had been a female it would have been La Roux. Roux D is the perfect name for a perfect puppy.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Wow it is Friday

Do you think that is the most common title for a blog? For me it is not that I am excited about having the traditional two days off....though I am....but I was off work for 3 days with a nasty flu. Since being diagnosed with MS I have noticed that when ever some yucky germ is going around the office I get it and I get it worse than anyone else. This week it was the flu everyone has had, but for twice as long.

I was home sick for 3 days. The first day getting out of bed even to walk the dogs was not fun. By Tuesday I was up and moving just not very fast or far. I did make it into the art room. I finished finish up my examples for the altered book technique for next month. I will post the pictures once I post the technique on the yahoo altered book group, I worked on some other trades and just played around. I did do some organizing too, but really the more I organize the worse it looks. I need my mom to help......Mom please. So needless to say, this does not feel like Friday.

If you want a sneak peak of the altered book technique come to DIY Lounge at Collage next Friday 3/28/2008 for a hands on instruction.

This weekend is Easter. Happy Easter to all the Christians. I will be going to the church of craft on Sunday with my sister and John. I have been collect neck ties....but boy are most of them really ugly and not girly. I hope I can vamp them up. I will have pics of the finished product.

After that we are meeting my grandparents, aunt and uncle for dinner.

Of course, I will be going to estate sales. I will update you on the most fabulous find of last week. I am so excited.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My dogs think they are the swiss miss

Here is my first video on the blog. It is of my two dogs laying next to each other not moving, but making all this noice like they are. It was so funny John and I were laughing so hard I had tears coming down my cheeks.

ATCs PDX Style

I facilitate an Artists Trading Card Swap at DIY Lounge at Collage on Alberta. Recent the day was changed to Friday. So this friday will be our first Friday Swap. If you are in the area please join us

ATCs Portland style Come join the fun! This free Artist Trading Card group meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month to swap ATCs. Come meet other ATC artists in a relaxed, fun and supportive environment. Be prepared to swap at least 5 ATCs. Each month there will be a theme--- Interpret this theme as you wish. Did we mention it’s free???

Friday March 14th, 2008 at 6:30 pm

Theme is Mr. Sandman Bring Me a Dream

collage creative classes & supplies for artists of all ages
1639 ne alberta street portland, or 97211


Monday, March 10, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The MS Walk

I have registered to be on a Team Kenneya for the Multiple Sclerosis walk in Portland, OR. It takes place on April 12th.

I was diagnosed with MS in October of 2007, so this is my first walk. If you can please support me in my walk.

Go here to donate or learn more about MS.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweeper Sisters

How can you tell spring is here? A groundhog tells you? No....The birds sing.....No.....the scent of Daphne is everywhere?

It is that the weekends are filled with more and more Estate Sales. I love estate sales. The longer the person has lived in the house better because I am not looking for antiques I am looking for knickknacks, old office forms, vintage fabric and trim....or strange art supplies. That is what I love.

My sister is really the queen of the Estate Sales she finds them and plans them. She finds them on or craig's list.

We like to go on the last day of the sales....when traditionally the prices are cut in half or better. We sweep in and clean up on values. Just rake in the goods.

My sister and I have developed many traditions around saling. One is at the end of the day, we pick one item that we find and call it the find of the day.

Sunday's find for me was not even art related. It was an adult size bubble umbrella in perfect condition. The day before I said to my sister while at a sale, I wish I could find a bubble umbrella. And the next day at the first sale we find one. Now I would have paid a lot of money for this item. But the best part was it at a sale originally for $2 (which is a steal as well) but the sale was clearing things out for 75% off. For 50 far the greatest treasure ever.

That sale was a Kevin Bowers sale. I just love him. We spent $11 and got so much stuff......even found a copy of the Artist's Way which I already have but they books were free so I took it. I also found a mini crock pot for bees wax for 12.5 cents. I could not pass it up.

Saturdays item was a big wool orange sweater hand made that fit and is the perfect thing to wear around the house. A bit much for $10 but it was a once in a life time find.

Other traditions I have is I like to investigate the people who use to live there. Try to figure out what they did for a living and what was important to me. I am a voyeur why else do you think I am a social worker. When there are more than two or three each weekend, then plotting to get to the best ones early enough because a study in navigation.

So get ready next week is almost here.

I am obsessive about art

Here is a list of all the art related yahoo groups I am in. I am pretty quiet on all the list since I check my email through my phone on most days. But boy does it help the with my technique jonz. In fact, this queen of technique posted the March technique for the altered book yahoo group. The slider page. When I get a better pic of it I will post it here.