Monday, March 3, 2008

Sweeper Sisters

How can you tell spring is here? A groundhog tells you? No....The birds sing.....No.....the scent of Daphne is everywhere?

It is that the weekends are filled with more and more Estate Sales. I love estate sales. The longer the person has lived in the house better because I am not looking for antiques I am looking for knickknacks, old office forms, vintage fabric and trim....or strange art supplies. That is what I love.

My sister is really the queen of the Estate Sales she finds them and plans them. She finds them on or craig's list.

We like to go on the last day of the sales....when traditionally the prices are cut in half or better. We sweep in and clean up on values. Just rake in the goods.

My sister and I have developed many traditions around saling. One is at the end of the day, we pick one item that we find and call it the find of the day.

Sunday's find for me was not even art related. It was an adult size bubble umbrella in perfect condition. The day before I said to my sister while at a sale, I wish I could find a bubble umbrella. And the next day at the first sale we find one. Now I would have paid a lot of money for this item. But the best part was it at a sale originally for $2 (which is a steal as well) but the sale was clearing things out for 75% off. For 50 far the greatest treasure ever.

That sale was a Kevin Bowers sale. I just love him. We spent $11 and got so much stuff......even found a copy of the Artist's Way which I already have but they books were free so I took it. I also found a mini crock pot for bees wax for 12.5 cents. I could not pass it up.

Saturdays item was a big wool orange sweater hand made that fit and is the perfect thing to wear around the house. A bit much for $10 but it was a once in a life time find.

Other traditions I have is I like to investigate the people who use to live there. Try to figure out what they did for a living and what was important to me. I am a voyeur why else do you think I am a social worker. When there are more than two or three each weekend, then plotting to get to the best ones early enough because a study in navigation.

So get ready next week is almost here.

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Denise said...

Sounds like you got some great deals! I am the worst estate sale shopper but I found a good one last week and I was so proud of myself. I'll have to bring some of my finds to our next get together! I will also have to check out your estate sale finder link.