Friday, September 19, 2008

Artfest Drum Roll please

Here are the classes I am taking during ArtFest

I am taking
Portable ShadowBox Shrine Laurie Mika on Thursday
Central Casting with Marcia and Ty Shultz on Friday
Whose your Dada with Linda and Opie O'Brien on Saturday.

I am so excited....All of these classes are outside my paper comfort zone. I have both the Mika and O Brien books and have wanted to do more with the skills. Mika focuses on polymer clay and the O'Briens use a lot of metal. I have never done any mold (mould) making or casting so this is a huge jump for me. But hey that is what classes are for.


Anonymous said...

Hey, my artsy friend! It's great to see you posting to your blog. You've got me beat this week... I've only posted once!

I am looking forward to your altered book demo tomorrow!

Muse Council Associate

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you ended up with a full schedule. Good for you!