Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Dimensional Image for altered books

This is a technique that I learned when I first started rubber stamping. I thought it would be a great one in December, since for Christians this is the times of many many cards, but you can really used any image. You just need multiple images.

At least 3 copies of the same image (I used some holiday cards I found at an Estate Sale
Altered book spread with a background (I used the acrylic paint and alcohol background)
Xacto knife and cutting mat
Ruler (I like using a clear one)
Dimensional adhesive or window insulation
Adhesive (I used double sided tape)

1. Look at image and identifying the foreground, background and the center ground.
2. Cut out the foreground of one image using the Xacto knife and cutting mat.
3. Turn image over and place dimensional adhesive on the back. Set aside.
4. With another copy of the image cut up the middle ground. Set aside.
5. Repeat placing dimensional adhesive on the back of the images.
6. Attach foreground to the middle ground image, lining up the images as close as possible.
7. Attach middle ground image to the background image lining it up as closely as possible to the background.
8. Attach the completed 3 D image to the page
9. Complete the embellishment of the page.


Alice said...

this is beautiful! more!

Lisa Kaus said...

love the imagery- happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You actually entered a long blog entry! :-D

That's a great page.