Monday, February 23, 2009

Flower altered book page

Here is a simple altered book spread.


  • Altered book
  • Gesso and paint brush
  • Two colors of acrylic paint - I used pink and green
  • Paint brushes
  • Clean water
  • Scrap pages of a book
  • Technique Tuesday stamps
  • Ink
  • Adhesive - I used Uhu glue stick.
  • Scissors


  1. Gesso two page spread. Let dry
  2. Paint pink acrylic paint over the top 2/3rd of the gessoed pages. Let dry.
  3. Apply a water wash over the bottom 1/3rd of the pages. Paint over with green paint. Let dry.
  4. On scrap book pages stamp the flower petals and circles. I used Technique Tuesday stamps and ancient page ink.
  5. Using clear water on a paint brush, draw a line you would like to tear around the petals and the circles.
  6. Glue petals and circles on the page. Cut off any pieces that do not fit on the page.

Here is the same idea but placed on a greeting card. The only difference is the background square which is just a children's writing tablet with gesso and then acrylic paints in the same color pink and green. All was glued on a white greeting card.

Here is a close up of the same card.

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