Monday, May 1, 2017

Salt/Watercolor Texture Technique Tutorial

This is the final outcome of this technique.


Watercolor Paper Substrate  -  Watercolor Tag
Watercolor Paint - Crayon Watercolors
Watercolor Paint Brush
Water in a Spray Bottle
Masking Tape
Board for Drying - Clipboard
Salt - Course Sea Salt
Hair dryer or Heat Gun


1.  Tape the watercolor tag down to the clipboard using masking tape and then spray with water.  

2.  Dot the wet paper with different colors of watercolor.  Don't blend.  Continue to add colors until the entire tag is full.

3.  Cover the wet watercolor with salt.

4.  Set aside and let dry naturally.  This is where the patience comes in.

5.  Once it is dry.  Brush off the salt from the watercolor paper and discard salt.

6.  Remove the tape and then continue to dry with hair dryer or heat tool.

Here is an example of this technique being used.  
Here is a link to the directions for the tag above

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