Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One Little Tag Craft Challenge #111

 Harriet Tubman has always been a heroine for me.  Today it was announced she would be the first Female  on US paper currency and the first person of African Descent on any US Currency.  I am excited because I hope this means generations of Americans with be curious to find out all the great things this one woman was able to accomplish.  This tag was a simple one because there is not way a tag could include all the accomplishments this woman has done and all the inspiration she has provided to me.   Every time I look up into the stars I think of how she used the North Star to lead people to their freedom.  It is believed she led over 300 people out of slavery.  Amazing.

Green acrylic paint was spread on a manila tag with a gift card.  Let dry.  Stamp image of Harriet Tubman (Post Script Studio) and the sentiment with Archival Ink Jet Black.  

Unfortunately Postscript Studio is no longer manufacturing stamps.  This stamp is on a stamp block with 3 other images, of Einstein, Billie Holiday and Frida Kahlo.  All are people I admire.  I originally bought this stamps in 2004 but lost it in Hurricane Katrina.  I watched for it on Ebay for years after the hurricane.  I wanted it back.  In 2014, it finally was on Ebay I bought it out right and did not just bid on it I wanted it that badly.    A small victory over a natural disaster. 

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