Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another completed page

Over the weekend I did not create any art. Saturday, I did the MS Walk and when I got home I decided to just chill and rest. My reward for being a good citizen. Then Sunday I worked at Petsmart and when I got home did a small bit of organizing supplies so that was my creative endeavor for the day.

On Monday, I was back at it. I worked on several backgrounds. Which I will put in later posts, but if you must see them right now there are in my facebook album.

I did finish two pages. I started this spread about two years ago when I was experimenting with some light blue paint I got at an Estate sale bag sale....I have not idea what kind of paint it is and the texture is very smooth and shiny. The flower is a napkin from the same sale. Yes I just pulled it out of the bag and put it on the page. I thought the paint was too shiny so I brushed over it with gesso. I do like how the gesso really blends the napkin into the background, but this page never spoke to me so there it set for two years.

Then last night, I was thumbing through my incomplete books, and this page was there in a book that is almost done so I wanted to finish it. I had my alphabet stickers out and these alphabets jumped out at me. There were white to begin. Boring. So I thought I would paint them carmine with some iridescent medium mixed in to match the page. Another sticker I had said be yourself so I thought I would use the quote and then added love yourself because it just flowed.

A page I did not like turned into something that is not half bad if you ask me. It is more shiny in this picture then it is in real life.
Napkins and tissue paper are two of my all time favorite art material. When ever I find either at garage sales, estate sales or on deep discounts I buy them. They are usually pretty or interesting and you get tons. I pass them out to my friends because I usually have too many. They are really easy to use. They don't add any bulk to a book. Just peal them down to one ply and apply them to the page using matte medium or gel medium to blend them into the page. Try them sometime.
I really feel an accomplishment when I finish a book and this one is getting close.

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