Monday, May 6, 2013

Metal Collage on Wood - Mixed Media part two

This part is about working with the tin and assembling it all

Decorative Tin
Can opener
Rubber mallet
Metal Shears
Template for designs. Here I printed out letter in the font and size I wanted.
Hole punch that will go through metal. I used my cropadile
Small golden nails. I believe these are called brads
Picture hooks. Not sure what these are called. You can also use pull tops from soda cans.

If you are smart you will wear work gloves and safety glasses

1. Put on the glasses and gloves. I skipped this step so im glad i wear glasses.
2. Using the can opener cut the bottom off the tin.
3. Using the metal shears cut up the seam of the tin. Cut seam off and discard.
4. Lay tin on work table with pretty side up. Using your hands smooth the tin out. It is difficult use rubber mallet.
5. Locate the part of picture on tin you want to use. Mark with sharpie on the back.
6. Trace template onto the back of the tin. If using letter make sure to do it backwards.
7. Carefully cut out design using metal shears. Be careful to cut off all jagged edges.
8. Use the metal hole punch to poke a starter hole any place inside design like the center of the D. Use shear to cut out the unwanted part.
9. Place design on collaged wood.
10. Secure with nails using hammer
11. Outline with graphite pencil to give it depth.
12. On the back figure out where hanger should go. I choose the center of the block and about a third of the way from the top.

There you have it.

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