Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Squid Watercolor......Kinda

I love watercolor. I think anyone who is a watercolorist is amazing and very talented. 

I want to be a watercolorist. I probably should at least take a class or read a book, huh?  Well instead I did some looking on the web and found a way to cheat at watercoloring so I was all for it. The website was 30 minutes crafts.


 I used inktense pencils and blocks instead of watercolor. 

Watercolor paper (I used my mixed media journal)
Stencil (see below)
Masking Tape
Inktense Pencils 
Inktense Blocks
Pencil Sharpner
Paper Towel

1.  Tape stencil to paper. 
2.  With a the darkest jellyfish color pencil outline the stencil. It is much easier to do with a very SHARP pencil. I applied pressure to the stencil as I traced it to decrease its movements. 
3.  Color in with the two lighter colors for the jellyfish. Connect the bridges created by the stencils.   I added some blue and yellow highlights to the body of the jellyfish to give it some depth. 
4.  Using the smallest waterbrush blend the edges and small sections of the stencil. Then with the medium waterbrush for the next largest areas and finally use the large waterbrush to color in the top and other large areas. 
5.  Use a paper towel to clean the brushes between colors and to mop up any extra liquid.
6. Carefully remove the stencil and clean it. 
7.  Color in the underside of the body with yellow and blend with waterbrushes. 
8.  With darkest blue pencil outline the jellyfish. 
9.  With the medium blue pencil color in between the tentacles and around the dark blue line.  
10. With lightest blue pencil color around the outline. 
11.  With inktense block in same color as the lightest pencil color the rest of the paper. 
12.  Use waterbrushes to blend the blues. 
13.  Let dry. 

Now all your friends will be impressed with your water color skills.

This stencil is a squid/octopus/jellyfish included in the book "Stencil Me In" by Marthe Le Van. 

I confess I have not read the book yet but it comes with 24 of the most awesome stencils. 

Watercolor on!!!!

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Lindsay Weirich said...

that looks like a great stencil, very cool looking!