Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ode to Eartha Kitt

This altered book page is one I made with Eartha Kitt in mind. I was sad to hear she had died. She was an admirable woman. She was one of the great sex kittens of our time. She played Catwoman on the old Batman TV show. She was well know for singing the song Santa baby.

I did not purchase anything specifically for this page, I just had it all all ready. The background page is one I did several months back. It is masking tape and an acrylic paint wash. I accidently got black paint on the edges and so I used white gesso to cover the edges, which in the end worked great to give it a snowy like finish.

The picture was one I purchased about a month ago at Loose Ends in Salem. I loved the vampy naughtiness of the image. I have had hte velvet holly embellishments for several years, just waiting for the right moment. The dried baby roses I bought the same time as the image. The special delivery stickers were an estate sale find.
I stamped the letter with pink acrylic paint. Used an old dymo label maker that has this really cool italic font......I wish they made different fonts fo the new ones.

This page was not a summary of her life but a dedication to her spirit and the impact it had on me. I love you, Ms Kitt

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nutcrackers 2008

Here are the newest additions to my nutcracker collection. I started collecting nutcrackers after Katrina. I procured many of them from Estate sales as well as I buy a couple of newer ones each Christmas. These came from Cost Plus World Market during their 75% off after Christmas sale. The first one starting on the left is a Mariachi Guitar player, a cowboy, a gladiator, an Eskimo, and an Imperial Chinese man.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Three Dimensional Image for altered books

This is a technique that I learned when I first started rubber stamping. I thought it would be a great one in December, since for Christians this is the times of many many cards, but you can really used any image. You just need multiple images.

At least 3 copies of the same image (I used some holiday cards I found at an Estate Sale
Altered book spread with a background (I used the acrylic paint and alcohol background)
Xacto knife and cutting mat
Ruler (I like using a clear one)
Dimensional adhesive or window insulation
Adhesive (I used double sided tape)

1. Look at image and identifying the foreground, background and the center ground.
2. Cut out the foreground of one image using the Xacto knife and cutting mat.
3. Turn image over and place dimensional adhesive on the back. Set aside.
4. With another copy of the image cut up the middle ground. Set aside.
5. Repeat placing dimensional adhesive on the back of the images.
6. Attach foreground to the middle ground image, lining up the images as close as possible.
7. Attach middle ground image to the background image lining it up as closely as possible to the background.
8. Attach the completed 3 D image to the page
9. Complete the embellishment of the page.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

my sisters wacky collection

my sisters collection of elves on a shelf.....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My grandfathers birthday.

My grandfather turned 88 on Monday. He is an amazing man. In fact, he is my hero and my greatest role model. I am soooo lucky to have him as my grandpa........Bop I love you.