Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mothers Day Gifts

Again I have started to slack off on doing art daily. Long term motivation seems to be what I need. Now that I have defined the problem, what is the solutions? I don't know. I am holding out that once I move and can be in a new place and set it up I will be more motivate. All in favor say "aye." Hahaha

For mothers day though I did create some gifts. I did tin sunflower collages. I took the idea I learned from Opie and Linda O'Brien and with a twist made it my own.


Wooden Plaque or piece of wood at least 3/4 inch thick

Tin (I used an old folgers coffee can and a cafe du monde coffee can that is not old.)

Heavy Rubber Mallet
Can Opener
Tin Snips
Permanent Marker (I used a sharpie)
Piece of Scrap Wood
Carpet Tape
Finishing Nails (I got mine at Home Depot for less than $1.)
Paint brush
Matte Medium
Sheets of Music
Glaze or paint mixed with a glazing medium. I used golden glaze in violet earth.
Drink Can Pull Tab


  1. Preparing the wood. The plaques I used were already finished. So if you are using just plain wood you might want to sand it smooth first. I covered mine in gesso. Let that dry. Then collage sheet music on it with matte medium and let dry. You can use any vintage paper you have. I wanted something to give the background interest. Glaze over the collage. Let dry.

  2. Preparing the tin. Using a can open remove the bottom of the coffee can. Then with the tin snips cut along the seam of the can. I bought my tin snips from the O'Breins and they work great. They sell them on their Etsy site which is the link on the supply list. Using the rubber mallet flatten the metal. Now every thing is prepared.

  3. Using a permanent marker, trace your design on the back of the tin. Simple designs work best but the tin snips do a great job on detail work as well. Cut out your design.
  4. With the hammer, awl and scrap wood tap a small hole in the tin where you would like the nails to be placed. You can use a small metal punch for this but for me the awl works just as well.
  5. Place a piece of carpet tape on the back of each of the tin pieces. Arrange the pieces on the wood as you would like them. Use the carpet tape to hold them in place.
  6. With the hammer and finishing nails, attach the tin to the wood.
  7. Attach the pull tab to the back with a finishing nail. This will work as a hanger for the finished piece.