Friday, May 22, 2009

home sweet home

camping is great.....kicking back listening to skynard .....sunny and put tent up all on my own...i am woman here me roar

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

margaritas and mothers days gifts

For the last month I have not been blogging or creating art....real life is getting in the way of feeling job, health insurance costs, taxes, medications, calling off a marriage, re working a relationship all got in the way of feeling creative. Not a good situation.....the remedy...pack up the car with art supplies and go to friends and create.
Sue is part of the Council of Muses, she is a pheno when it comes to art but sadly she is not a stamper....I am convinced it is my role in life to bring her over to the stamping side. We decided to plan a day to work with polymer clay and stamps to make some tiles like I learned at Artfest in Laurie Mika's class.

This weekend while estate saling I found a bag of poly clay with about 30 blocks of clay for $12.50. I took this as divine intervention.
I packed up the ECHO with the clay, mica powder, clay tools, acrylic paint and some picture frames as well a huge pile of stamps. Remember, my intent was to bring Sue over to the other side.

We spent the afternoon making tiles, singing to Janis Joplin and laughing. Here are my finished project. Gifts for my mom and grandmother for Sunday, Mother's Day.

When Sue and I scheduled the day it happened to be Cinco de Mayo, so of course that meant we had to include some Mexican culture in the day. We decided to go to On the Border for dinner and margaritas. Julia, Sue's daughter accompanied us. She busted open the pinta, go girl power. Denise met us for dinner. Food was yummy.
It was a great day and yes I believe Sue is closer to joining me in Stamping Obsession. hahaha