Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day 8 of 22 dsj part 2a

the instructions say to do 2 pages so i do....problem is my pages do not lay side by side like in a conventional journal. i bet ill have extra pages at the end......while this page drys i am going to go play mafia wars

day 8 of 22 dsj part 2

while the gesso dried i went and soaked in the hot tub....when i returned i painted on two colors of paint a cobalt blue and a celery green color...mixing them right on the paper then wiped some paint off with a paper towel

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day 8 of 22 dsj

ok after the tape then i dry brushed gesso and whiped it off....cool ghost effect huh

7th day of 22 dsj

on the 7th let there be tape......todays assingment.....journal with a ball point pen then cover it with all types of tape....finding a ball point pen was hard.....but finding all kinds of tape easy....i love tape especially medical tape.

day 7 of 22 dsj

wow one whole week and i am still doing it.....i am noterious for starting something and then not finishong it....or finishing it months or years later...

armour page complete

i ruined it.....here is the page post the coffee bath....i dont like it because the colors in the armour fades......lesson learned

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soul Journaling with Sarah Whitmore day 3 and 4

Days 3 and 4 of Soul Journaling were working on the same page so I combined them. This exercise was to think and contemplate our "art amour". What we need to be creative and nurture our souls.

Again, I started with journal page that was gesso over journaling on collaged dictionary pages. I then took an image of a suit of armour, printed it out in stark black and white contrast.

I colored it with all kinds of different metallic and glitter transparent markers. Wrote words that I believe I need to create great art. I then cut out the image and glued it to the page.

On day4, I embellished the page with words and phrases that represent what I need externally to help me create and be daring. I need support of artistic friends. I thrive under their patronage.

I stamped hearts in 3 colors in the background to cover the journaling as well as fill the page. Then I stamped on 3 manila tags and added bows for movement. The instructions called for a walnut wash but I thought I would use coffee instead. Did not work so well, the gesso resisted the coffee and the liquid loosened the tags. Lesson learned.

A word on my art allies, the Council of Muses is a group of women I met with once a month. We get together create art together, bond, eat and laugh. I need these women in my life to really push me forward art and life wise. Some of us have even started a zine together....topic of first zine artistic connections.....ironic huh.

Soul Journaling with Sarah Whitmore day 2

Day 2 was more fun for me...over the dried gesso I stamped "this book belongs to:" with green acrylic paint then wrote my name numerous, numerous, numerous time with different markers. My favorite were permapaque markers I got at Joann's. They really are opaque, coming great colors including metallic and are easy to write with. Doinjg this exercising I really felt like i claimed the page.

Soul Journaling with Sarah Whitmore

At the invitation of my friend Keli, I joined a journaling yahoo group based on the techniques of Sarah Whitmore's 22 days of Soul Journaling.

Here is one of the pages I did on the first day. I started with a recycled manilla file divider. Collaged old dicitionary pages over that, journalled with a black sharpie and then did a gesso dry brush layer over that. At this stage, pretty boring visually.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Soul man

Here is a quick and easy embellishment trick with stuff I am sure you have in your stash.

Masking tape
Non stick sheet or wax paper
Stamps The yard stick is from Ma Vinci, The clock is from Non Sequitur and I do not know what company made the stencil letter stamps.
acrylic paint (I used black)
  1. Place strips of masking tape side by side on a non stick sheet.
  2. Stamp images using black acrylic paint.
  3. Let dry.
  4. Peel off the tape and place on page. The word "soul" was printed on tape that was over lapping so I peeled it off as one big "sticker."

The rest of the page

The background was purple acrylic paint brushed on a page. Once dry super sparkle lumieres paint was sponged over it. Then images of yard sticks, clocks and rulers were stamped using lumiere hi lite blue and black.

The main image was stamped on a recycled tag using black permanent ink. The image is from After Midnight Stamps

Friday, July 3, 2009

waterfront blues festival

this is a clip from geno delofose and the french rockin boogie as they preform at the eaterfront blues festival.....on the front porch stage.....it was on 7.2.2009......its no jazz fest but is an excellent substitute here in the pacific northwest.....and now i want to say "et toi" at the end of each sentence