Sunday, July 12, 2009

Soul Journaling with Sarah Whitmore day 3 and 4

Days 3 and 4 of Soul Journaling were working on the same page so I combined them. This exercise was to think and contemplate our "art amour". What we need to be creative and nurture our souls.

Again, I started with journal page that was gesso over journaling on collaged dictionary pages. I then took an image of a suit of armour, printed it out in stark black and white contrast.

I colored it with all kinds of different metallic and glitter transparent markers. Wrote words that I believe I need to create great art. I then cut out the image and glued it to the page.

On day4, I embellished the page with words and phrases that represent what I need externally to help me create and be daring. I need support of artistic friends. I thrive under their patronage.

I stamped hearts in 3 colors in the background to cover the journaling as well as fill the page. Then I stamped on 3 manila tags and added bows for movement. The instructions called for a walnut wash but I thought I would use coffee instead. Did not work so well, the gesso resisted the coffee and the liquid loosened the tags. Lesson learned.

A word on my art allies, the Council of Muses is a group of women I met with once a month. We get together create art together, bond, eat and laugh. I need these women in my life to really push me forward art and life wise. Some of us have even started a zine together....topic of first zine artistic connections.....ironic huh.

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