Thursday, September 29, 2016

Masking Tape Texture Technique

I enjoy finding techniques that create texture with supplies I already have.  The masking tape texture technique is one such technique.  I first learned this technique in sixth grade.  It is a technique that will work on paper, canvas, glass, 3-D items or anything else the tape will stick to.

Substrate - I used a shipping tape
Masking tape - I used both plain manila color as well as decorative Scotch Tape
Paint - In these examples I used acrylic paint but you can use anything that will adhere to the tape including shoe polish

 1.  Apply tape to substrate.  You can tear them into pieces and apply them randomly like the picture above.  The tape can be applied in structured way such as below.

2.  Paint the taped surface.  Applying two differnt colors of paint can emphasis the texture more.  

 3.  This technique can be used as a background such as I did in the picure below or you can leave as is like the pictures above.

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