Monday, November 28, 2016

Painting over Scrapbook Paper Tutorial

This technique is a great way to create beautiful paper out of scrapbook paper or color book pages that you migbht not necessarily use.

Scrapbook paper or color book page
Light body acrylic paint - Three coordinating colors, white and black.  I used dylusions paints.
Stencils or stamps in bold designs.  I used several Tim Holtz stencils.
Blending tool
Heat tool or patiences


1.  Using a blending tool, apply color to page in several different areas.  I used 3 colors tht coordinated well. 

2. Dry between colors to minimize mixing colors.  I used a heat tool.

3.  With stencils and black acrylic paint, stencil random spots around the painted paper.  Let dry  I used 3 different Tim Holtz.  Let dry.

4.  Repeat with stencils and white acrylic paint.  Let dry.

Here is a link to a blog post using this technique.

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