Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Altered Book Technique for Earth Day In Mind

This altered book technique is in honor of April 20th being earth day. This is a fun project using a old used dryer sheet.

I started doing this technique because John uses dryer sheets and when he is done they seem to float all over the house. I hate dryer sheets and don't use them because they seem to get everywhere.

Dryer Sheet Haze

Photo of entire lay out


Book to alter
Glitter the finer the better
Neutral Card stock
Xyron, double stick sheet or spray adhesive
Used Dryer Sheet (Cheap ones work great)
Sealer or Fixative

Close up of dryer sheet haze technique


Step 1. Stamp image on neutral cardstock.
Step 2. Color image or parts of image if desired.
Step 3. Run image upside down through Xyron machine to make the front side sticky.

Close up of dryer sheet haze technique at a different angel

Step 4. Peel backing from image and apply used dryer sheet over exposed adhesive.
Step 5. Trim dryer sheet.
Step 6. Pour glitter over top of image and rub into dryer sheet. Really rub it in. The longer the better because the dryer sheet holds the glitter in place.

Close up of dryer sheet haze technique at yet another angel

Step 7. Tap off excess glitter.
Step 8. Spray with sealer or fixative.
Step 9. With image face up, run though Xyron adhere to book.

Close up of the opposite page using a layered paint technique.


Anonymous said...

Your page is beautiful, Melissa!


Babytreese said...

This is SO beautiful...thanks so much for sharing this technique with us! I have to add a xyron machine to my list! *blessings* Theresa

Anonymous said...

I love this layout! Very nice! And thank you for the tutorial on how you did it. Lovely!