Friday, April 4, 2008

Spring is here.

Here are some pictures of my most recent swap. I made these 13 flowers from scrap fabric, pipe cleaners, and some of my vintage beads. This swap is through Cooper Crow. It is really a group of women who are such incredible artists. I am just tickled to be invited into their swaps.

The pink fabric is a fat quarter of peacock material and the white petals are from fabric I created by taking an old sheet and rubber stamping on it with lumieres.

The golden rod fabric is s sheet that I got really cheap because it was defective. Still perfect for me. The colorful fabric is from a good bag I won on the van ride from Collage on Alberta to Art and Soul last October. I did not win this bag because my mom was the driver of the van, I won it because I was the only one on the van that trip. Hahaha

I learned this technique from Sister Diane at one of her classes she teach at the Multnomah Library. She does such a great job explaining the technique I am just going to quote her.

Kanzashi is the Japanese craft of folding squares of fabric, origami-style, into beautiful flowers. These are traditionally used in the elaborate headdresses worn by Geisha. But they're also fun to make into jewelry, magnets, toppers for special gifts, and they're awfully cute on a handbag.

I am not going to go into great detail about how to make the flowers just because it is Sister Diane's technique and really you should take the class from her to really understand. But I will tell you it is easier than you think.

For each flower, I cut 8 squares of fabric 3 inches by 3 inches. I cut 4 in the white and 4 in the darker color. Then I did the secret Kanzashi fold and then stitched them together. Glued on the vintage button with hot glue. Then glued the green pipe cleaner to the back and covered that with a circle of green felt. I twisted another pipe cleaner to create leaves.

See easy peasy.

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Dawn Sellers said...

Your flowers turned out fabulous!
By the way - I've tagged you - check out my blog for the details.