Monday, May 5, 2008

Why you should never answer your email on payday

Ok no one really gave me that advice but boy I wish they had. Why you may ask?....well the one thing that keeps me from spending money is not to have money. So when people talk about all these great classes they are taking and how they have just had an opening I can ignore them. Oh but not this time, my friend Denise announced that Lisa Klaus had an opening for her class. When does Dear Denise send this email, on payday so my bank account was flush. Never mind rent was due or anything else.....I enrolled in the class. Actually I am glad the class looks kicken and I really Love Lisa's work. But gosh next time Denise could you do it a week after payday.


Here is a link to Lisa Klaus's art

Don't you love it too....aren't you jealous you are not going to the class......hold on I might have to sell it soon. HAHAHA


Anonymous said...

Don't you dare sell it! It's gonna be so much fun!


Lisa Kaus said...

Hey there- It was great fun and I'm glad you were there. Your pieces were way cool..
Stay in touch!