Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Artfest jitters

I am so nervous. Today is the due date for artfest 2009....ok it is the due date for the post date but still the same. I am going with 3 other art tarts and possibly more. This event is something I have looked to do since I learned of it. My friend Pilar went one year and loved it. I never could go when I lived in NOLA because it takes place in Washington State and conflicts with my "nephew" Cole's bday. I always choose to fly back to spend time with Cole instead of Artfest. But now that he is older....having old people around on his birthday is not fun. Plus now that I am back to living in Oregon I see him more often.

So this year I am going. Keep your fingers cross that I get the class I wanted. Really I am not worried about that because all the classes are so cool I could take anyone of them and be happy.

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Bridget B. said...

Hey, Melissa!! I just got my booklet, and got all the classes I wanted! Hurray - so it sounds like I'll be seeing you and the other tarts at ArtFest! Cool - Hugs, Bridget