Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Everyong needs a good friend

Wally is Roux D's older brother. He is from the same mom but has a different father. Their mom gets around. Wally is owned by my friend Anna.

I met Anna at work. It was my first job after moving back to Oregon. I was thrilled to meet someone just as obsessed with corgis as I was. When I met her I had my second corgi Betsy and she had not yet received Wally. But we bonded instantly over Corgis.

When Betsy died, Anna told me about Wally's mom getting ready to have her next litter. So I contacted the breeder.

So Roux D became ours. They have very similar eyes but Roux is long and thinner than Wally.

They have really become good friends and when they are together they just run and wrestle and don't forget heard other dogs. In fact, at the dog park they really work as a team to get the other dogs where they need to be.

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Anonymous said...

Such cute faces. We definitely need a meet up at the dog park in Hillsboro.