Saturday, February 14, 2009


This page is made up of several techniques - cheesecloth background, plastic wrap background and the Andy Warhol inspired painting. This is a recent picture of my Pembroke welsh corgi Roux D. He is very corgilicious.


  • Two page spread
  • Gesso
  • Paint brushes
  • Water
  • Acrylic paint in several colors (I used purple, green, blue)
  • Plastic wrap
  • Cheesecloth
  • Liquid glue (I used soft gel medium in gloss)
  • Black and white laser print
  • Glazing medium or fluid acrylics
  • Embellishments (I used rubber stamps, stazon ink, circle tags, purple twill and colored label stickers)


  1. Paint a two page spread with white gesso. Let dry. If you do not want white as your background paint over the gesso with the color of choice. Let dry. I liked the contrast of the white so I did not do this extra color
  2. Apply a watery layer of purple paint. Before it dries lay a sheet of plastic wrap over the wet paint. Smoosh it around. Pull up the plastic and let it dry with all the swirls created by the plastic wrap.
  3. Dye white cheesecloth color of choice using an acrylic paint wash. Let dry. In this case, I actually found purple cheesecloth on clearance.
  4. Cover the background with liquid glue of choice. I used soft gel medium. Cover the pages with the cheesecloth. Make sure to create wrinkles and bumps for interest. Let dry.
  5. Using acrylic paint, stamp design over the cheese cloth. (I used Technique Tuesday circle stamps in blue and purple paint. Make sure to wash off acrylic paint ASAP when using rubber stamps).
  6. Find a picture you like. Print out in laser black and white. I took an ink jet picture I liked and color copied it in black and white at Kinkos/Fed Ex (or whatever it is called now).
  7. Using glazing medium, mixed it and acrylic paint together. About 10 drops of the medium to 1 drop paint. You can use fluid acrylics as well or watered down acrylics, but the watered down acrylics may cause the picture to wrinkle.
  8. Paint your picture as you wish. Let dry. I used Andy Warhol as inspiration. Glue on to page spread. Again I used gel medium.
  9. Embellish as you wish. I used round tags and colored labels with stamped letters using Rubberstamp Ave Stamps to spell out corgilicious. I used staz on black ink.

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