Thursday, April 15, 2010

I started

I did it....I went home and I did art for over an hour on Wednesday. It felt great. I did not think it was going to have because I worked over 90 minutes so I was sure I would be exhausted and not have the creativity to do anything. But I was bound and determine to work towards one of my goals.

I grabbed supplies that I had handy which was all the stuff from Artfest since I have not unpacked my art bag. I worked on several backgrounds.

This was the first one. I had already adhered the circle tissue paper months ago. I colored it with one of my favorite supplies portfolio water soluble oil pastels. I love them, they are vibrant, creamy and cheap. Only complaint...they only come in 24 colors. Once I applied the oil pastels I used a wet paper towel to blend them. The water caused the tissue paper to peal and shred giving it a totally cool distressed look I had not even planned on.

This one I used the oil pastel again. At Art fest I had covered this page with gesso and then textured it with fondant cutters and tissue paper. On Wednesday, I then colored over the gesso with the portfolios and blended it with water. This time the colors came out very subtle. but you can really see the texture, even in the picture but in real life it is much more interesting.

You guessed it portfolios again. I told you I liked them a lot and they were handy. The background here is a collage of dictionary pages that I distressed with a Claudine Hellmuth technique with masking tape. I might share the technique with you later but really her two books are great and technique packed so I strongly suggest you buy them.
I color and blended the portfolios. The dog image is from an old calendar from the dollar store. I am not sure how I will finish the page out but maybe something about dancing cheek to cheek.

Quick and easy page. This is a fancy napkin I found on clearance. I glued it down with matte medium. I think it has a real arabesque feel and will keep my eye out for some sort of image.

This last technique was purely play. The page was covered in white gesso months ago. So squirted out acrylic paint blogs in white, yellow and two shades of green. I then used a barbecue brush (the silicone kind I bought at the dollar store.) to spread the color around.

Here is a close up of the awesome groove and textures that it created. Don't have any idea of how I will finish the page but I am sure it will be awesome......hahahah

I am proud of myself for even starting. This goal is the easiest for me to start but why not start with the easiest to be a motivation.

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