Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My friend Sue posted that it has been a long since I have posted. Which is sooooooooooo true. It is also a long time since I have created anything. I have been in a real art slump. There are several factors that have come into play, not excuses mind you just factors that made me less motivated to do art.

1. I started a new job in November so I am not available to do art as often as before.

2. With the new job I have a 45 min commute each way, so by the time I get home I feel really wiped out and just have not wanted to pick up supplies and create.

3. I have not been taking any classes. Classes always motivate me to create and explore.

4. My art group, The Counsel of Muses, has ceased meeting due to lack of space to meet. This once a month group was a great way to explore, create and talk about art. I miss it and wish we could figure out a time and place to meet. Any ideas?

5. The biggest reason of all......My house including my art room is a total uncontrolled mess. I just dread going into the art room (can you believe that) because it is so chaotic that I can not find anything without making a bigger mess. The entire house is this way. I hate it. It makes me depressed and miserable. I am so ashamed of it, I do not let people even close friends into my house. Right now I feel stuck I don't know how to change it. I need help. Any volunteers? Hahahaha.

Pity party over....

Ok I am not the kind of person to wallow in self pity for very long. None of these problems are going to fix themselves. I have to do it. My way....make a plan that usually includes a list and tackle the problem. I am going to make several pledges and plans how to get back on the art track. Every good goal has a time line. I will outline the timeline here as a way to organize it.

1. Each day for one hour I will either create art or clean my art room. Cleaning for me means organizing it as well. Starting tonight.

2. I will ask my mom to help me with the organization because she is a wiz at that. I have asked her before but secretly I think she is overwhelmed by the project as well. Maybe my friend Anna, a gifted organizer can help me if my mom can't, which would require me to deal with my shame and guilt. Dealing with the shame and guilt might not be such a bad thing either. I will ask my mom next week when she is back in town. Sigh still dreading this one

3. Take more classes - I did go to artfest (will blog about that later) and I really enjoyed it and was inspired. I am signed up for a poly clay class at the end of April. I plan to attend art and soul in Portland(I always wait until the time of the event to sign up class and buy classes from people who can't make it since I am local and do not have to book a motel.) This goal is in process.

4. Move closer to work. Not a direct art goal but one that will essentially give me more time and energy for art as well as improve my overall mood. I am already working on this, once I get my taxes I will have the money for the deposits. So then all that will be in my way is finding the right place for me and Roux. I am going to set a date of June 1st.

5. Find more art groups or create an art group. I have re established myself with one group that meets in hillsboro at Art on a lark. I know there are more out there just have to find them. I will even look in Salem since that is where I am work. By June 1st, have found out if Salem has any such groups.

6. I will make more art dates with my friends. In the next two weeks, schedule at least one.

After reading the list, all seems very doable except the cleaning, I told you I dreaded it but it is needed.

Ok I will report back here weekly about how it is going. Feel free to add suggestions, as you can see I really need them.


Northwest Sellers said...

My number one suggestion is that you come to the Art on a Lark group this Saturday night! Weekend, no work, time for art!
I totally understand the overwhelming feeling of the well stocked art room! When you figure that one out let me know, I need help too. I can never find anyting and spend so much time looking for my supplies I no time to actually do the art. My last suggestion . . . . aRtV. Plenty of room for you and Roux and the supplies! Hang in there, you'll get back on track.

MelusinaArtBlog said...

There may be groups meeting in Salem at Stampin Cat, but they always charge so much, I never went when I lived there. You might ask Paper Zone down there, they have tons of space. Now, another idea is that I work at Barnes & Noble at Washington Square, and we have some room if you want to meet there, you'd just have to do your own clean up and we close at 9. However, it's free. By the way, I just found your blog and it's really good.