Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Craft Warehouse Card Swap May 2014

This Tuesday is the meeting of Craft Warehouse Stamp Club. This month card swap theme is the three B s - bees, birds or babies. Now I always thought it took the birds and bees to get a baby but I don't think that's what they meant. Since I am from Portland originally I wanted to put a bird on it.  Thanks Portlandia.  

This is an old technique from Technique Junkies Newsletter called Bleached Wash Technique.  but I think Bleach Out Markers makes more sense. The TJ newsletter article was written a few years ago  before distress markers were available  but I found distress markers work great with this technique, even better than just regular water based markers.  . It's the technique used on the background paper. 

For the Technique                             For the Card
Canson Mixed Media Paper.              White Card Blank
Archival Ink.                                            Die Cut Pink Mat
Rubber Stamps                                     Die Cut Lavender Mat
Distress Markers.                                  Foam Dots
Spray Bottle of Water.                           Adhesive (ATG used)
Heat Gun.                                               Pink Bakers Twine
Small Cup of Household Bleach.        Rubber Stamps (bird, hello, chevron)
Paintbrush                                             Corner Chomper
                                                                Watermark Ink (Versamark)

1.  Stamp image with waterproof archival ink.  I used Ranger Archival in jet black with Wendy Vecchi flower stamp.

2.  Using water based markers color the images.  Don't worry about staying in the lines and use lots of ink.  I actually colored each image twice.   I used distress markers because they are reactive with water which is important in the next step.

3.  Spray with water so the ink runs.

4. Color images with distress markers again and spray with water again.  You want lots of color to run.  Dry with a heat gun.  

5.  Using bleach and a small paint brush, bleach out the images so they are void of most color.  If you let the bleach set it will continue to be reactive so once the bleach has worked to your liking heat it with heat gun to stop process

6.  Using as a background, round the corners and attach to the blank card.  Die cut the purple and pink paper.  Stamp both with chevron using versamark ink.  Stamp sentiment and bird on the purple piece.  Layer them together.  Tie pink bakers twine around the piece.  Apply foam dots on the back of the pink panel and attach to the bleached out piece.  

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