Thursday, July 3, 2014

Craft Warehouse Scrap Challenge - June 2014

Here is my entry into the Craft Warehouse challenge. Each month we get a small packet of paper and embellishments. The challenge is to use each thing in packet in some way on the card. It is a great way to challenge u with things you might not normally use and I always try to challenge myself to not use things in expected ways. For this card, for my personal challenge I made the butterfly 3 D by breaking it so the wings were up and not flat. I used the twine to indicate motion. The half circles at the bottom are the tops cut off file tabs. And using an "&" ad the focal image. 

I love the bright colors and lucky for me this makesthe perfect   anniversary card for my anniversary in July. 

I realize as I'm posting this it would probably make more sense to post the packet of scraps I got as well as the finished card. 

Also by entering the challenge I was entered in a drawing and won a $10 Clift card for Craft Warehouse. 

If you want to attend the stamp group it meets every second Tuesday at 1:30 and 6:30. 

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