Monday, October 10, 2016

Ink Blowing Technique Tutorial

I would love to think of a better name for this technique but I can not really think of a good one.  So please if you have a better one let me know.  

A substrate - In this case I used a shipping tag
Fluid color medium - I used Dr. Ph Martin Hydrus Ink.  Other media to use are air brush paint, hi flow paint,      liquid watercolor, reinkers or calligraphy ink
A straw (This is my preference) or if you want to go high tech you can use compressed air or keyboard cleaner.

Here is my secret yes the saints helmet does make the tag better.


1.  On the substrate place drops of the medium in several colors.  

2. Using the straw or canned air blow the medium around the tag.  Hard fast puffs make the spider webs like lines and soft slow puffs create the large blobs.  Rotate between blows to get better coverage.

3. Add more medium and repeat step 2 as many times as you want.  I used three different colors.  

4.  Once you like the webbing, let it dry. 

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