Monday, October 17, 2016

Acrylic Paint Smooshing Tutorial

This tutorial is a quick easy technique that creates a background with depth and interest.  Its also a great way to use up extra paint.

Non Stick Craft Mat or other non stick sheet
Acrylic paint - I used some craft acrylic paint I got in a kit
Substrate - I used a shipping tag
Spray bottle with water

Step 1 On a non-stick sheet spread several color of acrylic paint.  For a softer look spray water into the paint.

2. Press the substrate into the paint.  Spraying water on the tag prior to putting the tag into the paint will create a softer look.  If you spray the tag after it has paint on it you will be a very running blended look.

A tag that had water sprayed on it prior to being smooshed into the paint

 3.  Repeat on the same tag until you have the coverage you desire.  Let dry.

This tag was not sprayed with water so the lines are not as soft.

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