Wednesday, February 22, 2017

One Little Craft Tag Challenge #53

On a tag made from watercolor paper create a backhground using the Masking Tape Pattern Technique.  See below.  Let dry.  Cut flowers out of black cardstock with die cuts.  Adhere to tag.  Apply washi tape. 

Masking or Washi Tape (Washi Tape)
Watercolor Paper (Tag from watercolor paper) 
Watercolor Paint (Crayola)
Watercolor Brush
Clean water
Water to clean brush
Burnishing Tool (Old Gift Card)

1.  On a watercolor paper substrate apply strips of tape.  Burnish tape down to secure adhesion.
2.  With a clean paint brush, add clean water between tape stripes to create puddles.
3.  Add watercolor to each puddle.  Allow paint to blend.  Tipping the substrate assists with blending.
4.  Let dry naturally
5.  Remove tape.
6.  Enjoy.

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