Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Catching up with Altered book techniques

Not only did I neglect my blog the last few month I neglected my duties on the Yahoo Altered book technique person. So I have promised to post a technique a week until I catch up.

Here are two techniques with something I bet everyone has in their stash. The background one I learned years ago in girl scouts then was reintroduced to by Claudine Hellmuth at Art and Soul 2006. The 2nd one was something I learned from Scraptastic!: 50 Messy, Sparkly, Touch-Feely, Snazzy Ways to Jazz Up Your Scrapbook Pages by Ashley Calder. I have yet to try it but I thought I would present it since it uses the same thing as the background technique.

Masking Tape Background

Gel Medium
Masking tape (any size, though I like to have a variety of sizes)
Paint brushes
Paint very liquid paint works best like fluid acrylics or watercolors


1. Seal your page with gel medium. Let dry.
2. Apply masking tape to your page. You can do it randomly or in some sort of pattern.
3. Paint liquidy paint over the tape. It will be darker around the edge of the tape.
4. Let dry.

Embellished Masking Tape

Non stick craft sheet or wax paper
Paint brushes and paint of your choice
Stamps and inks


1. Lay out non stick craft sheet. Lay out masking tape close together, not overlapping but so close it looks like a solid page.
2. Decorate as you wish. You can paint them; you can draw or doodle on them with markers, stamp on them or a combination of any of these techniques.
3. Let dry.
4. Carefully peel tape off non stick sheet. Apply to page as you wish. You can apply them randomly or keep the pattern you created.

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