Monday, May 6, 2013

Sometime You Need a Camera's Perspective

I was struggling with this journal page. To me it seemed to need something, but what I could not figure out. So I snapped a picture thinking I would use it to illustrate the blog how-to. When I went to crop the picture. Low and behold I like the page. Go figure. 

It's actually a pretty simple page.  The background was me experimenting. I have done this technique with acrylic paint and plain rubbing alcohol but never thought to use alcohol inks until now. 

Acrylic paint 
     Golden Hansa Yellow Light
     Golden Naphthol Red Light 
Alcohol Ink (I used Adirondacks Sunset Orange)
Stencil (I used The Crafters Warehouse Ribcage)
Painters Tape 
Paper for Heart (I used a popcorn bag)
Glue stick
Black Pen (I used Pitt Artist Pen in black with brush nib)
Gelato - Black 
Scrap Paper for Heart mask 
Deco Tape (I think this tape is recollections from Michaels)

1.  With paint brush and clean water, wet down page. 
2.  Thin yellow paint with water and wash over page. The acrylic paint needs to be very watery for the alcohol to displace the paint. 
3.  Drop orange alcohol ink in random spots. It like magic and cool to watch. Let dry. 
4. Using paper mask of heart and red paint create burst. Let dry. 
5.  Tape stencil down using painters tape. Dab gesso through stencil with foam brush. Let dry
6. Cut out striped heart. Glue in place. Outline with pitt pen and gelato. 
7.  Apply deco tape. 

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